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Pregnancy is a time of joy and a time when many women feel cautious and are wary of doing things that could cause potential harm to their unborn children.

Society has this impression that it is taboo, and unsafe to colour your hair while pregnant.

Salon owner Andrea Ferro says dying hair is safe and has always been safe. The main issue that certain types of hair dyes have high concentrations of ammonia or peroxide and these products have strong and unpleasant odours and these would bother someone who is pregnant or sensitive to smells, or sensitive in general.

If you are using a quality hair colour, at a salon where the hair colour technician knows what he/she is doing, you are in good hands.

There is no documented proof that hair colouring negatively affects the body in any way. Women and pregnant women have been safely colouring their hair since the time of Cleopatra.

And hair colour has come a long, long way since then!

At Ferro Hair Art, we now offer an ammonia free hair colour, called Nectaya that is composed of various natural ingredients, has very little to no odour and leaves your hair feeling soft, fabulous and looking shiny and natural. This is safe for anyone to use.