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Okay, so it isn’t Fall just yet… we are still hanging on to the last days of Summer 2012, but there are definitely a few words to be said when it comes to hair care.

Andrea Ferro is ahead of the game in advising his clients that they have to consider what their Fall hair care regimen is ahead of the season.

You must help your hair adjust to different seasons, each season comes with a particular set of needs for your head of hair, believe it or not!

Has the summer dried out your hair? Are you experiencing excessive dryness or static? Is your hair feeling dull or lack-lustre? Try switching to a more moisturizing shampoo and be sure to use a quality conditioner.

Both Kerastase and KMS offer different lines for different hair types, from dry to normal, thick to thin, curly or straight hair. No matter what your hair needs are, we’ve got you covered at Ferro Hair Art!

We’ve Got Your Hair Needs Covered

After the Summer, your hair colour has likely faded and your hair is more porous. Why not do a clear transparent rinse or deepen your colour?

When the seasons change, you want to be changing your hair colour.

Consider this: You wouldn’t wear white pants all year round, so why should you have the same hair colour all year round?

With semi-permanent rinses, you can achieve beautiful, rich vibrant colours that last about 3 months (depending on how often you wash your hair). You can change your hair colour with the seasons and do so safely. These rinses are not permanent, instead of growing out of your hair, the colour fades out in a natural way. They do not harm your hair and are less abrasive than permanent rinses.


Don’t be afraid of colour!

You can maintain your colour with a colour safe shampoo and conditioner from either Kerastase or KMS. Both lines offer quality products to cleanse colour treated hair.

Example of Boosting Colour for the Fall – Before and After