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Some hair types are more vulnerable than others. Blonde hair in particular is known to be more vulnerable to the elements than other types of hair.

As stylists, we have to remind our blonde clients to take certain precautions to maintain and protect their hair colour.

Firstly, remind clients to avoid chlorine. After frequent swims in a pool, chlorine can make blonde hair look dull, murky and discoloured. Blonde hair is like a sponge: it tends to absorb chlorine and pool chemicals more than other hair types.

This is concerning because chemical absorption leads to hair loss. And not just individual strand loss, but hair falling out in clumps!

Another factor that Blondies have to worry about is hard water. Blonde highlights can fade as a result of shampooing in hard water. Make sure to check your water pressure and be aware of this fact. Hard water makes hair appear dull, leaves buildup and takes away lustre.

The same way pools can damage hair, hot tubs are also culprits. Hot tubs contain copper sulfate to get rid of algae and bacteria. Unfortunately, sulfate reacts with blonde hair in such a way that it discolours it, giving it a less than stellar appearance.

It is really important to keep colour treated hair from drying out, especially blonde hair. Using quality products is of the utmost importance. Many of the issues above can be taken care of by using products that remove chemicals, dirt and grime and infuse moisture back into the hair. 

Go for products that boost hair health and shine, especially products that are meant for summer hair care like Kerastase’s Soleil line and KMS Free Style line, as mentioned in our previous post about products to use.