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Hair care is very important and there is a reason why your hair stylist recommends specific products for your type of hair, especially if it is colour treated, if you have a sensitive scalp, or some particular type of issue with your hair. And it has nothing to do with increasing salon profits!

We asked Andrea Ferro why anyone who cares about their hair should be using professional hair products.

This is what he had to say:

First of all, any person that cares about his or her hair should be using professional hair product. Imagine buying a beautiful expensive blouse or dress, paying a lot of money for it and washing it at home with a no name laundry detergent.

How many washes before it looks old and faded???

Well, your hair is like a fabric, but even more delicate! It’s living and breathing and you can’t remove it, even when it looks old/faded/worn.

Most people care deeply about their hair and spend a lot of money to colour and cut it and then neglect to treat it right!

The difference in the quality in professional products compared to typical commercial products is in the quality and concentration of the ingredients. Typical drug store beauty products are full of cheap ‘detergents’, and that is why they are priced at low points. Anyone who has purchased these types of products knows this to be true.

Did you know that by law, all those companies need to to is put a drop of moisturizer in their products and they can legally sell it as a moisturizing shampoo????

Consider this, we professional hair stylists are like doctors for your hair: we prescribe you the appropriate hair prescriptions! We know what your hair needs the most. Our speciality is hair and hair maintenance!

At Ferro Hair Art we guarantee our products 100% and if you don’t love the product you purchased, simply return it, no questions asked, no receipt necessary and we will exchange it for something else, even if the product has been used. That is the Ferro Hair Art guarantee.

Speaking of products, if you want to really take care of your hair this summer, Andrea has some recommendations for you!

Kerastase and Goldwell both have quality products that are designed to block out U/V rays and eliminate frizz in humid weather. Any products with U/V protection are great, they will block out excess moisture, repel humidity and protect hair.

For example, Kerastase’s Soleil line, their U/V line is designed for summer and for that client who is looking for the ultimate quality product. Kerastase is for that client who wants the utmost best in quality hair case without price being a factor for luxury.

KMS has its Free Shape Line that has a variety of thermal heat/sun protection products for all client needs! KMS is for that client who wants the best products that deliver, at affordable prices.