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What’s in season for Prom 2012?

Traditional prom styles usually consist of traditional loose curls swept to the side or some variation of that classic look.

Be different for Prom 2012! Try some fun updo’s! Add braids to your updo’s! Add bees nests and accessorize your hair!

Why not be the girl in the spot light at your prom?

Graduating this year? Opt for a natural look. Simplicity and opting for a natural look is the best way to go.

How about your colour? Red is the HOT colour for this summer.

Braids, braids and lots of braids for your hair this summer!

Want to try bangs? Opt for side bangs for a chic look.

Dasha Monita is an assistant at Ferro Hair Art.

Growing up with hairdressers inspired her to to join the industry.
I like the fact that you can make people look good. I like how being a hair stylist is related to fashion and how it changes a person and it challenges me as a person to always try and be on top of the trends. It’s an environment to get creative in!

Ferro Hair Art is an award winning salon located in Thornhill, just north of Toronto.

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