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Hari Spirkoski, Senior Creative Director has been working with Team Ferro for many years. He is certainly a creative mastermind when it comes to hair and style innovations.

So what does Hari think is trending for Summer 2012?

As a cutting edge stylist I think that this summer will be a HOT one and there for we need to work towards EASY hair.

Hari is a firm believer in Liquid Keratin Treatments. Liquid Keratin eliminates frizz and leaves your hair in a smooth and shiny condition. Liquid Keratin infuses your hair with moisture.

What does Hari say about smooth and shiny hair? It’s EASY HAIR!

If you’re the type of person that wants to go natural then PRODUCT is going to be your best friend this summer!

Hari recommends the Oleo Curl line from Kerastase  and the  Curl Up line from KMS.  You won’t be disappointed with these products.

My vision for this summer is CURL  lets make everyone fun.