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Maria Fava knows extensions. She knows PURE Extensions– the natural and eco-friendly extensions that last longer and blend in better with your hair.
So what can Maria tell us about hair extensions? The term, ‘extensions’ refers to any technique used to add volume, length, or colour to hair.
As you can imagine, there are many ways to apply hair extensions.
When you think of adding hair extensions to hair, you think of permanent extensions are weaved, hand tied, sewn-in, and strand by strand fusion which require thread, wax glue guns or heated elements for their installation. You can imagine that these techniques damage the natural hair. This can lead to possible hair loss and balding. Hair breakage can happen from using heated elements in conjunction with waxes or glues, causing the hair to weaken internally. When the extensions are removed, the hair is left in a fragile state.
PURE Extensions do not require any heat or fusion techniques.
In general, permanent hair extensions should be maintained every 4-6 weeks. If they are not maintained, problems such as skin disorders, fungal growth and scalp disorders can occur. Permanent extensions remain attached to the hair for months and may unknowingly allow moisture to penetrate internally.

PURE Extensions can be easily adjusted every 4-6 weeks.

So how can stylists safely install extensions in their clients’ hair?
Manufacturers came up with a method called cold fusion to avoid using heat. It uses wax or glue and a cold fusion gun. The wax bond is heated from the inside out. However, this technique still applies the same amount of damaging heat to the natural hair and is a costly option for the stylist and client. Cold fusion guns use the same type of heat as a microwave.
The only true method of cold fusion is the PURE Extension Cylinder Method. PURE Extensions do not require or use wax or glue.
With PURE Extensions application process, both the stylist and the client can rest assured that the natural hair is not being damaged. As hair is constantly growing,  the client is advised to visit every 4-6 weeks for maintenance and with the PURE Extensions cylinder method every connection is inspected, opened and replenished.  Unlike the permanent extension methods noted above, this preventative step provided by PURE Extensions is key to the longevity of beautifully and healthy hair extensions.
The type of hair that extensions are made out of is also very important to consider.
Every manufacturer will state that the hair they are providing is the best hair and of the best quality.  This may not always be the case.  Therefore, it is first best to know the characteristics of the various hair-types on the market.
As an expert on hair extensions, Maria was able to provide a breakdown of the different hair types:  

Indian hair: Known as virgin hair because at the time of donation due to religious beliefs, the hair has never been tampered with. Considered to be the best match for Caucasian hair.
Asian hair: Contains double the amount of cuticles, which contributes to its reputation for being strong and durable.
Indonesian hair: Same as Asian hair with a difference in texture. May have wave or body. 

Russian hair: Softer and finer.  Very fragile and very expensive.
Remi hair: Remi hair describes most hair types. Remi means that the cuticles of the hair strands collected should be running in the same natural growth direction. If the strands of the hair are not Remi, mixed opposite of each other, the cuticles will create friction and the hair will start matting or tangling. While Remi hair is essential to hair quality, it is not the only contributing factor in determining high-quality hair extensions.
PURE Extensions are made from 100% virgin Remi hair. provide the quality to achieve all the goals of a great extension artist needs.    PURE Extensions uses a combination of Indian and Asian hair, which provides a perfect texture match as well as the strength needed for long lasting, smooth, trouble free hair extensions.  PURE Extensions’ quality will remain intact up to 3 times longer than any of the other hair extensions available on the market.
And what about customizing your extensions for the summer?
For the summer styles, PURE Extensions offers radicals, stripes and ombre extensions. These add a little splash of color for any client interested in adding a subtle fashion statement and they’re so much fun!!!