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The legendary Vidal Sassoon passed away on May 9, 2012. His impact on the hair industry will never be forgotten.

He is the creator of the “wash and go” hair style and the liberator of women’s hair. He helped women break free of hair spray, hair lacquer and bouffant hair styles. He brought a new trend to hairstyles in the 1950s and 1960s.

My idea was to cut shape into the hair, to use it like fabric and take away everything that was superfluous. Women were going back to work, they were assuming their own power. They didn’t have time to sit under the dryer anymore,

With Vidal Sassoon Academies operating in Canada, the US, China, and Germany and of course in England, where Sassoon was born, his legacy and methods will live on. His schools teach aspiring hair artists to cut hair based on client’s bone structure.
And Vidal Sassoon turned hairdressers into hair stylists; transforming them into artists. He was the Chanel of hair styling.
He has a product line of beauty and skin care products named after him and salons named after him. He is a household name.
He came from humble beginnings and never forget where he came from. In the 1980s, he retired from hairstyling to concentrate on philanthropy.
Sassoon was well respected by his peers and clients. His cuts were daring and well-known.
He revolutionized women’s hair, wanting women’s hair to be free, glossy, shiny and easy to manage. The same types of goals we want today. Women flocked to his salons for his low maintenance looks. He created unique bobs and flirty styles that had not been seen before.
Sassoon created a brand and a legend.
He will forever be remembered.