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How about a volume-filled look with a side part? This messy but trendy look is definitely a winner!

Tame the silver fox! Keep your hair groomed nicely, with a full head of hair, combing it back for some height in the front, and a nice clean shaven face.

Bringing back the height! Keep your hair long in the front and channel your inner Elvis. Keep the sides short, and embrace length. Having long hair brings versatility and there are many styles you can create with this hair cut.

Doesn’t he look so slick? Look at that nice side part. This style is groovy. With a nice, smooth face, even side part and short hair, this guy is ready to croon out a tune or two. What a great style to take you places…be it to the office, to a party, or wherever you need to go!

Can you say texture? Bring it on! This look is all about texture. Keep the sides short, but not too short and texture the top. Use a pomade or a styling product that has a dry effect so as not to add shine and run it through your hair to achieve this look. You want to build some height on top and make it look slightly messy. Great, great look for going out!

How about this one? No, it’s not the Justin Bieber! How about growing out your hair and wearing it long and sleek. This is how you show off your healthy locks. Sideswept, smooth hair will surely garner some attention!

This classy look is very symmetrical and smooth. It is a refined look that can take you anywhere. Use a smoothing product to make sure every hair stays in place.

And some more texture to talk about! Brush hair forward this time. Keep locks long in the front and get a little scruff going to add some more edge to this look.

How about a part to the other side? This refreshing look is about texture too and taking the part to the other side. Keep some volume on top so you get the height that you want and use a product with staying power!

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