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Stylists, keep your clients happy with winter hair survival tips from your salon shelf!

As long as we live in Canada, we can count on harsh winters and winter affecting our hair and our clients’ hair. Winter is a reality that our hair must face.

Stylists, respond to your clients’ weathered complaints with retail recommendations and keep their hair looking healthy, strong, and great!

1. Use the Tousled Look to Your Advantage

Highlight the styling product available and show clients how to achieve this look.Teach your clients this simple yet funky process:Before going out, braid hair into a single braid. Spray hairspray onto the braid and put a hat on. Feel free to venture out into the cold, allowing your hair to absorb the style. When you return, un-braid your hair and shake it out for soft, textured tresses.

2. Put Volume Back in the Hat

As you can see, a hat really can come in handy. To achieve maximum volume, especially at the root level, try this helpful trick.  Before putting on a hat, tell clients to part their hair on the opposite side that they would usually part it on. Then put the hat on and proceed with what they need to do. When they take off the hat, that is when they should part their hair as per usual.

It is recommended to use a volumizing spray to add extra oomph where needed.

3. Don’t Forget to Give Clients’ Hair a Little TLC in the Shower

No one wants dry winter hair! Tell your clients to try Biomega Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to replenish dry, dull strands. The formula is rich in omega and keratin amino acids and will revitalize damaged hair.

4. Pull out the Finishing Polish or Pomade

Winter creates static. Hats create static. And no one enjoys dealing with static. Help your clients achieve victory over static wars by introducing them to a finishing polish or pomade to help smooth the surface of hair.

5. Mist on a Texturizing Spray

Wearing hats helps protect hair from the cold. But wearing hats can also make your hair lose its style. Tell your clients to try Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray to help freshen and re-define hair when the cap comes off.

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