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It’s Winter Time and it’s time to protect your hair. But it’s also the time when we want to keep our heads warm and blow dry our hair to protect it from the cold.

For those of us not blessed with stick straight hair, we have to work to achieve that perfectly blow-dried look.

Here are some professional tips from Ferro Hair Art that we use to achieve an awesome blow dry:

1. Make sure shampoo and conditioner are thoroughly rinsed out from hair; any residue that is left in the hair can make hair appear dull or greasy.

2. Towel dry hair until it is 80% wet and comb through gently.

3. Apply a quality smoothing/straightening product and if you require volume, a root booster and finger comb through hair.

N.B.: You should also use products that work with heat…Like the KMS products above…and below:

These products protect your hair from breakage and from heat damage.

4. Use a round brush and begin with the front sections of your hair, as these are the sections that others will see and look at the most.

This 3D Brush produces amazing results with 3 types of bristles- especially for hard to manage hair!

5. Divide hair into sections to make sure that you completely dry and capture every strand of hair.

6. Make sure when you use the hair dryer, you point the brush and the nozzle downwards, and keep the hairdryer 5 inches away from the hair itself. Focus the heat on each section as appropriate. You don’t have to move the brush around too much, you can just run the brush and hairdryer down the hair shaft at the same speed, smoothing the hair as you go along.

7. For an extra smooth finish, apply a few drops of a smoothing serum or a shine mist. For extra protect, apply a light misting of hair spray.

Happy Stylin’ Everybody!