Holiday 2012 Stylin’ Tips


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Wondering what to do for hair and makeup this holiday season?

Look no further!

Our staff in our salon know all about the latest trends in hair and makeup.


Soft, smokey eyes are in the NOW.
For a different twist, try jewel-toned smokey eyes: use deep amethyst and emerald green to bring out your eyes and for a festive twist!

Bright, full lips are HOT.¬† RED is back! It’s time to find that perfect red lipstick for the perfect red pout a la Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stephani!



Create soft waves in your hair, and wear half your hair up.

Creative hair bands are very chic and make any hair style look great, so add one in!

Accessories are in, fancy clips, fancy elastics and baubles can add a little jazz to any hair do, be it short or long hair, low pony tail or up do.

Braids are still in, so bring on the braids and get your braiding fingers on!

Another trend that is popular is vintage do’s. Looks from the 1920s & 1940s have been trending. The upcoming remake of the movie, The Great Gatsby will be featuring these popular styles.


Did you know that water can affect your hair colour?


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Ever wonder why sometimes your colour doesn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted it to?

It turns out that water has a lot to do with it.

Sometimes colour fades fast, doesn’t look as good at home, particularly fast fading colours like reds and tricky colours like blondes. Hair colour loses its vibrance and shine a little too fast and blondes may turn “green” or “muddy”.

The very water we wash our hair in affects our hair in ways we wouldn’t think of.

Issues with water could be that it is too hard, the PH level and the chlorine level.

In fact, certain areas of Canada are known to have hard water!

  • Brandon, Manitoba
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Kitchener, Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Yorkton, Saskatchewan

One of the issues with hard water is that it contains many minerals. Hard water bombards your hair with minerals, and if you wash your hair in hot water, your hair cuticles open up and the minerals penetrate through your hair.

There are at home tests that can be done to check the PH level of your water and to test how hard your water is.

Speak to your hairdresser to find out which shampoos can properly clean your hair.

Hair Myths Revealed: You CAN colour your hair while pregnant


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Pregnancy is a time of joy and a time when many women feel cautious and are wary of doing things that could cause potential harm to their unborn children.

Society has this impression that it is taboo, and unsafe to colour your hair while pregnant.

Salon owner Andrea Ferro says dying hair is safe and has always been safe. The main issue that certain types of hair dyes have high concentrations of ammonia or peroxide and these products have strong and unpleasant odours and these would bother someone who is pregnant or sensitive to smells, or sensitive in general.

If you are using a quality hair colour, at a salon where the hair colour technician knows what he/she is doing, you are in good hands.

There is no documented proof that hair colouring negatively affects the body in any way. Women and pregnant women have been safely colouring their hair since the time of Cleopatra.

And hair colour has come a long, long way since then!

At Ferro Hair Art, we now offer an ammonia free hair colour, called Nectaya that is composed of various natural ingredients, has very little to no odour and leaves your hair feeling soft, fabulous and looking shiny and natural. This is safe for anyone to use.

Nectaya- come in and try it!


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Nectaya is our newest line of colour from Goldwell.

It is ammonia free, permanent hair colour, that is virtually odourless and doesn’t have that typical chemical smell. The grey coverage is fantastic. There is no other ammonia free colour on the market that covers grey as well as Nectaya.

Nectaya is infused with Argan oil and it gives the hair incredible shine like no other!

The quality is every bit as wonderful as the other Goldwell colour lines.

The colour is vibrant, maybe even more so than our other Goldwell lines, our clients are loving it.

Feedback from our clients is that their colour is fresh, bold, bright, their hair is shiny, smooth. Best of all, there is no burning sensation or tingling sensation during the application process as Nectaya is primarily made from natural based ingredients.

The advantage to ammonia free colouring is that it is safe for anyone who is hyper sensitive to ammonia, who is sensitive in general, who has experienced hair loss but wants to colour their hair, it is safe for those clients who are into organic products.

So come in, book your appointment and give Nectaya a try!

Products We Love


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At Ferro Hair Art we believe quality products are key to maintaining healthy hair and to achieving the styles you want.

Naturally curly hair can be a challenge to tame.

We asked one of our long time clients, Melanie, with curly hair to test out some products, from Kerastase and KMS and to report back as to how her curly hair fared.

The products:

Kerastase Fibre Architecte Serum and Volumactive Spray.

These products are great for every day use. These products will actually make your hair grow faster, stronger, stay healthier and help to protect from split ends.

These products are great to use as a “base” product before other products are applied.

The serum protects from split ends and helps growth. The spray truly expands each hair strand and provides volume.

The above is what our client, Melanie reported to us.

Melanie noticed an increase in hair growth and volume since using these products over the past 6 months- and this was after experiencing hair loss due to stress last year!

These products have helped to restore my hair to the way it used to be!

Kerastase Fibre Architect and Kerastase Volumactive Spray

For curly hair specifically, Melanie tried Kerastase Oleo-Kurl and Elixir Ultime to smooth and relax the hair. Her hair is curly and frizzy.

She found that Oleo-Curl had staying power and kept her curls soft, formed and perfectly bouncy into the next day. The serum was great for shine and frizz control and smoothing power.

I really loved how these products made my hair feel. I had shiny, smooth curls that lasted all-day and into the next day. I’ve never had my curls stay throughout the night and into the next day! These products really have staying power!

Kerastase Elixir Ultime and Kerastase Oleo Curl

The KMS products were pretty effective too. Melanie found that her curls were less frizzy and still bouncy, but felt a little more weighed down and felt that the staying power of the product wasn’t as great as with the Kerastase products.

For the price point, thought, the KMS products fared pretty well.

KMS Curl UP Bounce Back Spray and Curl Up Wave Foam

For straightening her hair, Melanie tried the KMS Fibre Architecte Serum and KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Creme which did an amazing job and protected her hair from the heat. Her hair was smooth, shiny and lasted.

Another tip is to use the Kerastase Elixir Ultime for added shine and smoothness.

Great for straightening hair! Kerastase Fibre Architecte and KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Creme

Hair Style Trends from Dasha


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Dasha, one of our fab assistants is always in the know when it comes to fashion and hair trends.

We asked her for some tips for Fall 2012 trends.

Dasha recommends chignon buns, fishtail side braids, soft waves and hair twists.

Chignon Bun

Fishtail Braid

Fancy twist

Dutch Braid

For hair colours, she recommends rich browns with soft highlights.

For Men, ombre tips are hot- men are copying the actor, Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Spector in “Suits”.





Looking forward to our 10 year Anniversary Party- October 14, 2012


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Our Red Carpet Style 10 Year Anniversary is fast approaching! On Sunday, October 14, 2012 our anniversary party will kick off at 2pm at Ferro Hair Art salon in Thornhill.

Join us for an afternoon/evening of celebration, music, cocktails, food, raffles, silent auction and good cheer.

All products sold that day, all raffle monies  collected, and all monies raised from the silent auction are being donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

We are celebrating our story and celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We are so excited to be able to celebrate with our wonderful clients and fabulous staff members!

Andrea had this to say:

Thank you to the whole community for supporting me- I think it’s wonderful. I’ve seen so many people grow. It’s been an amazing journey and I look forward to another 10 years.

I wouldn’t be here without my loyal clients and their referrals.

Nectaya: Goldwell’s Ammonia Free Hair Colour


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Ammonia Free Hair Colour is coming to Ferro Hair Art October 1, 2012.

Goldwell’s newest line, Nectaya will be arriving at our salon and we’d love you to come in and give it a try!

Nectaya promotes sustainability and promotes lost lipids in the hair.

It is made form 92% naturally derived ingredients!

Nectaya contains Argan Oil, for smooth, shiny, luxurious hair!

Nectaya produces creamy, consistent colour and has a smooth application.

It performs like a permanent colour, covering grey hair up to 100% and up to 3 levels of lift action.

Unlike most hair colours, Nectaya has a pleasant, 100% natural fragrance.


Nectaya Ammonia Free Colour

Also fitting is Jodi is returning to us as of October 16, so you can come in and book your colour with her, if you’ve been missing having your colour done by her all these months! Jodi will be in Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-12:30 in October and in November, she will also be in on Saturdays, 8:30-12:30.

Don’t forget to enter Goldwell’s contest to win a year of free colour! The contest ends on October 31, 2012- you still have time to enter!

Win a year of Free Colour

Holiday Look: Fall 2012


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Rosh Ha Shana is here and after that Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

Here is a style tip for a great hair do from Andrea Ferro on how to wear your hair to your Rosh Ha Shana dinner or Thanksgiving dinner or even a family gathering.

Tools required:

  • 6 hot rollers
  • KMS Free Shape Thermal Setting Spray
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime Serum
  • Hair elastic (optional)

KMS Free Style Hot Flex Spray

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

How to:

  1. On dry hair, spray KMS Free Shape
  2. Take large triangle sections of top hair and place rollers away from your face, towards the back of your head
  3. Divide the bottom sections of your hair into large triangle sections and place the rest of the rollers, going downward.
  4. The rollers only need a few minutes in your hair.
  5. Once you have placed the final roller, you are ready to remove the first roller.
  6. Carefully remove each roller.
  7. Place a drop of KMS serum on hands and rub together.
  8. Turn head upside down and run your fingers through it and shake out curls.
  9. Bring your head up and tousle in place.
  10. Result is modern, Hollywood style curls! Curls can be worn down or place in a soft, loose side pony tail.




Hair Loss for Men & Women: Your Stylist CAN help you


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Are you experiencing excessive hair loss?

Your stylist can help you with tips to restore healthy hair.

Hair loss affects both men and women and it doesn’t just happen with age. It can happen due to a number of reasons.

The person who can provide you with the best advice for hair loss, believe it or not is your hair stylist. Your hair stylist’s specialty is hair, they deal in hair and they know your hair better than anyone else.

There are many reasons that hair loss occurs:

  • Genetic factors
  • Lack of iron, improper diet
  • Side effect of medication
  • Stress
  • Over-processed hair
  • Health problems e.g. thyroid condition

Don’t wait until it’s too late to treat your hair loss. Once the hair follicle is dead, it can’t be re-stimulated for growth. Treatments for hair loss involve specially formulated products like shampoos that actually re-stimulate hair growth while the hair is thinning.

Kerastase has a product line for hair loss, for men and women available, with proven results.

We recommend the Kerastase Capital Force line for men who are experiencing hair loss and thinning hair.

For Men

For women, we recommend the Kerastase Bain Stimuliste line.

For Women

At Ferro Hair Art we guarantee our products. We exchange products if you are not satisfied with them even if you have used the product.